Creativity & The Arts

Channelling the innate creativity of Christians in the arts

Throughout history, artists have questioned and subverted the status quo, challenging those around them to see life differently. Through image, sound, word and movement creativity enriches, heals, and helps us imagine exciting possibilities for the future. From music to poetry to design and theatre, creativity shapes our environment.

The church in Reading is already awash with creativity but there is even more, just waiting to be released. We know this because it’s through the creative acts of prayer and worship that Transform Reading emerged. So whether your gifting lies in the creative industries or prophetic arts, we want to celebrate artistry across Reading and connect more deeply to our faith and vision for the future through it.

​If you’re a creative and you’re wondering what it looks like for faith-driven creatives to engage in community, we’re looking to build a network where we can pray and catalyse creativity together. Sign up below: