Our Story

We started simply, as a group of churches meeting weekly to pray and discern God’s vision for our town. 

Over many years we have established strong relationships across churches and many areas of civic life through prayer and action to address some of the key needs in our town – homelessness and poverty in its many forms, loneliness and isolation, vulnerable children and families, sexual exploitation and abuse, safety and wellbeing on our streets and in local communities. Our desire is to see more lives changed for good as we work, pray and partner together with others seeking the common good.

The focus in the beginning, as it is now is to bring about unity so we can collaborate to consider community issues in our collective strength. 

We have a long history of developing and sustaining unity amongst many different churches and sectors of life, drawing strength from a range of different approaches and expressions of our faith in Jesus to build upon everything that we hold in common. We do this through building trusting relationships, talking praying and acting together to address many of Reading’s major needs.

We are certain we cannot effect the mission of Jesus to make disciples of everyone, on our own. God has poured some amazing resources into our town and together we will drive whole-life transformation across our towns and cities.


The Future: Our Strategy through 2021

Through 2020, with all its many challenges, and into 2021 our strategy involves a number of key strands:

  • broadening unity across the spectrum of Reading’s churches and social action agencies through shared vision, prayer and action
  • deepening engagement with key stakeholders such as Council, Police, Business & Health agencies to provide support to key town priorities and contribute to a compelling shared vision for Reading
  • catalysing networks of Christians operating within business, education, health, sport and the arts to start strategic conversations on specific social impact
  • mobilising Christians to visualise and plan a mass strategic event which will generate further commitment to action.

Movement Day 2021

Movement Day gathers church, business and non-profit leaders passionate about urban transformation to address the city’s most urgent problems and find practical, sustainable solutions. Do you long to see Reading flourish socially and spiritually? Be part of something special and sign up to stay in the loop.