What God is doing in Reading God can do anywhere

With all the doom and gloom in the news it can feel like there isn’t much positivity in the world at the moment. Well we have just the antidote. We have put together some short videos simply to inspire and encourage Christians right across the town with some of the things going on through ordinary people following their calling. Watch below to be inspired by God’s people across Reading pursuing their vocations:

Kathryn Deacon – Coffee & Craft + Foodshare

“A new way of doing church. Love your community”

Foodshare was started off the back of Coffee & Craft, a community project at Whytecliffe Baptist church. In collaboration with Co-op Food, Foodshare collects food that would otherwise get thrown away. It provides food for families struggling to manage financially and also provides a sense of community. It’s also a way of introducing church to those who have never stepped foot inside a church building.

Dan Rogers – DJR Building

“Be part of something bigger than ourselves”

Dan Rogers runs a small general building company in Reading. His Christian identity inspires him to work with integrity and invest in others. Through a collaboration with Starting Point Reading, Dan provided work experience to a young person who went on to complete a bricklaying apprenticeship and after a year, still works with the company. Seeing this young person thrive and the sense of being part of something greater is amazing.

Lucy Richmond – RAHAB (a Mustard Tree Project)

“It feels like a big family across Reading”

Lucy works with RAHAB, a project part of the Mustard Tree that works with women who sell sexual services in Reading. RAHAB meets women where they are, helping them to uncover their God-given identity. RAHAB also informs churches across Reading who financially support the project of what is happening on the frontline.

Charlie Baines – Chaplain for Reading FC

“Bringing a culture of kindness and community to Reading” –

Charlie’s dual love for both young people and the beautiful game led him to working as a chaplain for Reading FC. As a friendly face and listening ear, Charlie brings the love of Jesus to a football environment that is also a focal point of Reading community.

Bethany Hare – Home for Good

“I feel proud to be part of the bigger picture”

Bethany Hare is a Project Worker for Home for Good, a national charity dedicated to finding permanent homes for vulnerable children.

Home for Good work to raise the profile of fostering and adoption in churches across the UK, equipping them with resources to provide support and community for carers of at risk children.

She talks passionately about how the love of a family can offer security, predictability and ultimately transform the futures of children once in care.

Clare Bankhole – Shift Youth & Community

‘What He’s doing in Whitley he can do anywhere’ – Clare Bankhole

Whether in schools, cafes, on the streets Shift Youth & Community helps to transform the culture of young people’s settings.

As CEO, and as one with her own story of redemption, Clare Bankhole is passionate to see people of goodwill in churches come together to transform the lives of young people across Reading and beyond.