National Grid bumper laptop donation to Acre

In early summer, when the death of George Floyd by US police made headlines and the Black Lives Matter movement was at its height, we invited Victor Koroma from local equalities group Alliance for Cohesion and Racial Equality (ACRE) to come and share at one of Transform Reading’s Wednesday morning gatherings.

Victor Koroma is General Manager for ACRE, a Reading based charity that provides support to BAME/minority/marginalised groups. While some of the organisation’s regular activities were limited due to COVID-19, they capitalised on the opportunity to diversify support services responding to forseeable challenges with the individuals with whom they work. This includes the creation of a Community Wellbeing Hub and Employability Support programmes.

We asked how we might support the vision of ACRE going forward and Victor requested 3 things:

  1. Help to refresh their website
  2. A new high quality router capable of running a VPN for their offices
  3. Some refurbished laptops to update their old kit.

We are thrilled to report that we’ve been able to cover all these needs through our extended network and they now have 15 new laptops via locally-based company National Grid as a bonus. Victor said,

I have often wondered why people say ‘I don’t know how to thank you’, but today find myself in that exact same position. However, I can simply say thank you for your help and support. Sincere thanks and gratitude from me and the people we are aiming to support.

We wish Victor and the team the very best with their fantastic work integrating diverse communities across Reading and hope the new projects go from strength to strength.