Look to the Rock from Which You Were Cut

Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness and seek the Lord: Look to the rock from which you were cut and the quarry from which you were hewn – Isaiah 51 1:2.

We were recently due to launch the LICC ‘Transforming Work’ course for Greyfriars and New Hope as a part of our ‘God in the Workplace’ initiative, however the Covid-19 situation has put our mission temporarily on hold.

Every one of us has had to adjust to our work, home, church and social lives dramatically changing. Within just a few months our routines and rhythms have adapted, for many of us the daily commute is an activity of the past, our home has evolved to accommodate our workplace, we may be facing employment uncertainty and how we work and interact is virtual and digital.

As we find our path and come to terms with the changes and unknowns brought on by the pandemic, it I understandable that our faith is also being tested in new ways. Many of us will be searching for meaning and God’s plan with us and for us during this time. Today I pray that Jesus would lead me through the darkness of these days to the light and life beyond, we do not know what that future state will look like, only that Christ will remain unchanged and be our constant.

I am sure we all share similar questions; Why is this happening God? What do you want to teach me through this time? How should I respond?

I don’t want to miss this unique opportunity to transform my relationship with Jesus, yes to go deeper, but also to build a stronger foundation of trust. There is fear in uncertainty, especially when it relates to our work and incomes, so learning to trust more in Jesus through all that is changing has become a relationship imperative.

We should also be reminded that our true work is not our job, our true work is to look after each other, seek God’s purpose and live that out in our lives. Although we cannot be together in person to encourage, share, and pray for our work and financial well-being. We personally wanted to (virtually) stand alongside anyone who is concerned about their employment, work colleagues or company, anyone who wants to talk about or receive prayer for a specific work situation.

Although the launch of Transforming Work has been delayed, every one of us is being transformed by the change surrounding us. So, as encouragement for us all we read Isaiah 51 1:2, ‘look to the rock from which you were cut and the quarry from which you were hewn’.  In 1 Peter 2: 4-6 we read that Jesus is the living Stone, a chosen and precious cornerstone. It is a great reassurance to know we have all been hewn from that same quarry.

Our goal is to post a regular ‘God in the Workplace’ blog, so you will be hearing more  in the coming months as we journey together through this unfamiliar terrain. In the meantime if you would like to have a conversation, receive prayer, or contribute what God has been teaching you about transforming work at this time, please do email me at simonp_stokes@btinternet.com.